English Words in Action, Group G

(a variety of English words which have developed through history and are currently used in our modern age)

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gusty (adjective), gustier, gustiest
1. Blowing in loud and abrupt bursts: There was a gusty storm going on during the night.
2. Characterized by sudden outbursts, as wind, rain, or storms: The gusty winds and intermittent rains persisted throughout the weekend.
3. Affected or marked by fast and unexpected blasts of wind, rain, etc.: It has been a very gusty day.
4. Occurring or characterized by sudden bursts or outbursts; such as, sound or laughter: Phillip could hear cheerful, gusty laughter emanating from the auditorium.
5. Full of meaningless, pretentious talk: Mildred was getting perturbed by Paul's gusty speech.
6. Vigorous; hearty; zestful: Hildegard is a gusty young lady.

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