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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Something that is valuable or is very useful; or someone who has special skills which can be used to gain advantages. (1)
A strong declaration or emphatic statement of assurance that something will be done. (1)
Constant in application, effort, and persistence. (3)
To integrate new knowledge or information into the mind; usually, with what is already known. (2)
To calm, to pacify, or to decrease something that is severe; such as, pain or a very uncomfortable condition. (2)
Conveying a soothing situation or the restoration of confidence and relieving anxiety. (1)
To cause a feeling of tremendous wonder or surprise; to greatly amaze and to astonish. (1)
Referring to anything that is unbelievable, very amazing, or so impressive as to be difficult to accept as being real. (1)
Clever, crafty, and intelligent. (2)
Returning to an earlier or an ancestral behavior. (1)
Relating to going back to the distant past to a former kind of behavior. (1)
A reference to being easily angered or irritated; peevish; bad-tempered; bad feelings, a gloomy disposition, or a negative mood. (1)
Appallingly bad; abominable; in bad taste. (2)
A wasting away or diminishing of a body part, or parts (including the brain) caused by the lack of use; or because of insufficient nutrition, as a result of a disease, or because there are not enough physical movements or activities for continued muscle development. (2)
To certify, to declare to be true, or to authenticate the validity of something. (1)

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