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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Showing warmth and friendliness; being kindly and benign or nice. (3)
Any artificial behavior or a fake mannerism that is used to impress another person or people which is not natural or real. (2)
Someone who is associated with a high-ranking person as a subordinate worker. (1)
A feeling of closeness, understanding, and sympathy between people; an exceptional physical attraction for another person or situation. (1)
A creative inspiration or impulse, as a result of a divine inspiration. (1)
affluence (no plural)
An abundance of riches or great wealth. (2)
A reference to a person who is wealthy, financially well off, or very rich. (2)
To intentionally insult or to offend someone with some kind of disrespectful action or words. (2)
To make something seem great or greater by embellishing it, exaggerating it, or making it seem much better than it really is. (3)
The entire quantity or total collection of different elements all together. (1)
Terrified, very horrified, or shocked. (1)
The ability to move quickly and easily; nimbleness; the skill to think and to draw conclusions in a fast way. (2)
Speculations in stock markets or an exchange of transactions with currencies. (1)
Characteristic of being very eager to see or to do something that is about to take place. (1)
Pertaining to a fight or a dispute that can lead to negative results. (1)

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