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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Severe or gloomy, and being unfriendly and unresponsive toward others. (2)
A reference to harsh or very severe laws or rules. (1)
Senseless talk or conversation full of boring information; liquid that flows from the mouth. (1)
A reference to uncertainty or doubt; relating to being suspicious. (2)
An angered feeling and resentment that results in a person behaving or responding in a rude or impolite way. (2)
To mislead or to deceive someone into doing something that is not proper or honest. (1)
Double dealing or deceitfulness involving dishonest behavior which is meant to trick someone into doing something that is to their disadvantage. (2)
A reference to someone who says or makes an uncomplimentary remark about another person. (1)
A lack of concern and not caring about those who have serious problems or who are suffering from any kind of misfortune. (1)
A slanderous or derogatory term which is used instead of a word which is acceptable or agreeable. (1)
A feeling of emotional and mental discomfort and suffering resulting from malaise, depression, or some kind of anxiety. (1)
A level of authority or responsibility that is designated as a higher or a lower level. (1)
An abnormal dislike or hatred of one's home or an excessive fear of being in the house where one is living. (1)
Relating to or descriptive of devouring food in great quantities or to excess. (1)
edentulous (not comparable)
Without teeth, toothless. (1)

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