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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A person who begins and assumes the risk and management of a business. (2)
To imagine or to mentally picture something that has not happened yet. (2)
Something that begins and ends in one day. (3)
Having a calm temper and mental composure even during a stressful situation. (3)
To deceive or to evade being truthful in order to avoid saying what one really feels. (1)
To completely delete or to destroy and to get rid of something so it doesn't exist anymore. (1)
Not following a regular or a proper course; straying; behaving improperly; journeying or traveling in quest of adventure or roving adventurously. (2)
To make greater efforts to come up with better solutions that make things better. (1)
To abstain from, to avoid, to shun, or to have stayed away from something or someone. (3)
To give one's loyalty or support for something; to marry someone or to give another person in marriage. (2)
Lively intelligence, wit, and spirit. (1)
To spend the summer in a particular or special place; some creatures spend the summer in a dormant sleepy, a torpid (suspended animation), or just being inactive because of the summer heat. (1)
Relating to being overly desirous for food or a reference to being greedy for gain or loot. (2)
Any name which is properly descriptive of anyone, a place, or something that is referred to; usually, a pleasing name. (1)
Descriptive of something or someone who has been suitably named or identified. (1)

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