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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

The theory, or belief, that pleasure should be the primary objective of human existence. (1)
A person who seeks pleasure and happiness as a way of life because he or she believes that it is the best way to live. (1)
Referring to a physique that is big and strong or relating to a cost that involves a much larger sum of money than is normal: (1)
A description of a brutal, cruel, and hateful action that is abhorrent and abominable. (1)
An abnormal fear of or a strong aversion to sunlight. (1)
A excessive dread or an abnormal fear of seeing blood or even doing any bleeding; such as, a tiny cut on a finger. (1)
Relating to winter weather, wintry. (2)
To spend the winter in a state of sleep or dormancy. (1)
An ancient writing system that uses symbols or pictures to indicate objects, concepts, or sounds; originally and especially in the writing system of ancient Egypt. (1)
To trick into believing, accepting, or into doing something. (1)
A practical joker or a mischievous deceiver. (1)
Words or a phrase that is used to disguise what is really happening. (1)
The complete devastations or widespread destructions of something; especially by fire. (1)
A document, a manuscript, or anything entirely handwritten by its author. (1)
Descriptive of a something that is written by the hand of a person whose signature is on a piece of paper indicating an official action which is to be done. (1)

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