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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Pertaining to not feeling well; not willing or not likely to do something. (1)
Characteristic of anyone who is not easily discouraged or defeated; unyielding; unconquerable. (2)
To influence or to persuade someone to take action or to do something. (1)
Relating to anything that works as it should or that has the results that are expected; a reference to not making mistakes when making decisions. (1)
Hellish, diabolical, fiendish; awful, outrageous, and abominable. (1)
To instill ideas or principles into someone's thoughts or feelings as if they were poured in. (1)
Incapable of being copied or produced in the same way; unique or one of a kind. (2)
Doing something that goes beyond what is considered usual, proper, acceptable, or normal. (2)
Pertaining to asking more questions than is proper or necessary; a reference to being too curious and prying into other people's personal lives. (1)
Pertaining to or characteristic of not being able to be understood. (3)
Referring to a lack of common sense, being irrational in one's behavior, or having no feeling regarding what is going on. (2)
Conveying a treacherous, deceitful, and crafty operation or plot for a dishonest purpose. (2)
insipience (only in the singular)
Inadequate intelligence, stupidity. (1)
The inability to sleep even in the absence of external causes during the period when sleep should normally take place. (2)
Relating to a refusal to obey orders or to follow the instructions by an authority. (2)

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