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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Characteristic of a doctrine that human endeavors and aspirations can not be achieved and so they are not worth the efforts. (1)
Diplomatic or clumsy social mistakes when saying or doing something that is not acceptable. (2)
A complete range of anything; such as, the entire scale of musical notes or ranges of emotions. (1)
To talk too often and too much; usually, about things that are not important. (1)
A reference to being too wordy, illogical, and rambling on and on or talking too much. (2)
Overly exaggerated claims or boastful talk. (1)
Characteristic of showing a lack of knowledge about the proper way to behave around other people. (1)
Misbehavior, blunders, or tactlessness in public groups or presentations involving other people. (1)
Being very cold, freezing, and icy. (3)
A method or trick that is used with the hope of getting customers. (1)
A reference to something that is done carelessly and with little or no preparation or without serious thoughts. (1)
An error or bad functioning; something that has gone wrong. (1)
More supply than demand; superabundance of something. (1)
A person who has an unusual ability to receive or to withstand a large amount of something. (1)
To impel or to insist that a person to do something or to strongly urge him or her to continue striving to achieve an objective. (1)

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