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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

1. The worst or lowest point of something or a time of greatest depression or dejection.
2. A point on the celestial sphere which is directly opposite to the zenith; which is the part of the sky located directly above a person’s head or, “high point”. (3)
Something that begins to form, to come into existence, or to develop; such as, ideas, careers, cultures, etc. (2)
A person who practices magic or divination by pretending to communicate with the dead. (1)
Divination or fortune telling which involves the dead or death; any sorcery or witchcraft; particularly sorcery involving raising or reactivating the dead. (2)
A large, elaborate, or ancient cemetery; also known as the "city of the dead". (1)
Anyone who is fond of groves of woods or small wooded areas. (1)
To make a nest for laying eggs, hatching young birds, and as a place for living until the chicks grow up and can fly away. (1)
A radiant light that appears in the form of a circle or halo around or over the head of a god, a demigod, or a sacred person. (1)
Descriptive of someone who is being calm, indifferent and unconcerned about what is going on around him or her. (3)
Characteristic of being very foolish, ludicrous, ridiculous, or absurd. (1)
A person who has recently become rich; especially someone who flaunts or proudly displays his or her newly acquired wealth for others to see. (2)
An insignificant or very slight difference in meanings, feelings, tones, or colors. (1)
Unimportant or not worth anything. (2)
Of little value or worthless. (2)
Someone's self-interest which is always number one or the most important to be considered. (1)

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