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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To put side by side in order to compare, to contrast, or to supply more information. (1)
A government or a political control by the least qualified rulers. (1)
kleptomania (only singular)
A persistent neurotic compulsion to steal for no economic gain. (1)
Someone who can't resist the temptation to steal even when he or she doesn't need the things that are stolen. (1)
Someone who cries easily or often. (1)
Tearful, sorrowful, causing crying or the shedding of tears. (3)
A reference to weeping because of a very sad situation that causes the tears. (1)
A reference to someone who is listless and without any enthusiasm, energy, or desire to do anything. (1)
A brief and to-the-point speech or response in a message. (3)
Descriptive of shedding a lot of tears. (2)
Moving around or doing something very slowly without energy or in sluggish way. (1)
To criticize, to berate, or to censure someone or something very strongly; to assault or to beat someone violently. (1)
Thievish, given to defrauding others with plans for committing thefts. (2)
Descriptive of being very generous or providing great amounts of something. (1)
Dictionaries with alphabetized listings of words and their meanings. (1)

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