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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

An intense mental or physical force or strength with vitality and energy. (1)
To regard something or someone as being worthless or of little value; to speak or to write about others in an abusive or disrespectful way. (1)
To assert or to maintain that something is true or correct by means of action ; especially, in one's own interest. (1)
Referring to the desire for revenge or wanting to hurt someone. (4)
A retaliation or revenge against someone who is considered to have done something harmful to the revenger. (1)
Referring to something or someone who turns green or greenish in color because of illness; such as, sea sickness. (1)
The face or facial expressions and appearances of a person. (1)
Someone who tends to be dreamy or to have impractical schemes and ideas; a person who has clear ideas as to what should happen or be done in the future. (1)
To mentally see a desired objective or purpose before it is accomplished. (2)
To reduce the quality of; to spoil or to pollute by contaminating something. (2)
To attack someone in a violently abusive or a harshly critical language. (3)
Abusive and bitter criticism, including angry language and condemnations. (1)
Pertaining to faultfinding and severe criticism; including, the use of insulting and offensive language. (1)
To shout and to howl noisily; to strongly complain by yelling. (1)
Descriptive of uproarious and rowdy yelling and disagreement as to what is going on. (3)

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