Archeology, Archaeology

(a glossary of archeological terms particularly related to the field of research that can tell us about our origins and our remote past)

A reference to dates before the birth of Jesus Christ; B.C. = "Before Christ".
Having the ability to walk habitually on two legs; characteristic of humans. Literally, "two feet".
birth of Egyptology
The study of ancient Egypt can be traced to Napoleon's 1798 invasion, when his team of scholars and artists made detailed records of the country's antiquities.
B.P., BP
A reference to dates before the present, conventionally defined as 1950.
Bronze Age
A period of the human past when bronze was the dominant material used for tools. Its date varies from place to place.
c., circa
Approximately, when referring to a date; literally, it means "around a certain date".
An inscribed or painted outline around hieroglyphic figures indicating that they be read as a unit.
In ancient Greece, a column carved in the form of a female.
a monument commemorating a dead person, or a group of dead people, whose bodies are located is some other location or locations.
A fortress, often on a natural prominence, that served as the central defensive point of a town or a city.
An independent and sovereign city and its surrounding tributary territories. It is most typically used in referring to specific political entities of ancient Greece and Mesopotamia.
A particular form of state-level social and political organization identified by such features as cities, a class system, writing, and monumental architecture.
A row of columns that supported a roof, most usually in Greek architecture.
A comprehensive description of an artifact's or feature's matrix (the sediment in which it lies), its provenience (three-dimensional location), and its association (its spatial relationship to other artifacts and features).
Copper Age
A period of the human past when copper was the dominant material used for tools.

Its date varies from place to place.

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