Criminal Court Words or Judicial Terms +

(judicial or legal words that may apply to trial processes that determine the guilt or innocence of people which is ascertained by either judges or juries)

assistant state's attorneys
Prosecutors who serve under other prosecutors in local or state jurisdictions.

Also known as government prosecutors.

assistant U.S. attorneys, AUSAs
Government prosecutors who are subordinate to the U.S. attorney who heads the prosecutor's office for each federal district.
attorney competence
Standards for determining whether clients are fairly and intelligently represented by their lawyers when they are charged with crimes.
attorney general
1. Senior U.S. prosecutor in each federal district court.
2. A cabinet member who heads the Justice Department.
attorney, lawyer, counsel
Anyone trained in the law who has received a law degree from a recognized university and who is authorized to practice law in a given jurisdiction.
attorney-client confidentiality and privilege
Relation between a counsel and his/her client wherein any information exchanged between them will not be disclosed to others; such as, prosecutors.

Attorneys are protected from disclosing information about the clients they represent because of this privilege.

automatic waivers
Jurisdictional laws that provide for automatic waivers of juveniles to criminal court for processing.

A legislatively prescribed directive to transfer juveniles of specified ages who have committed especially serious offenses to the jurisdiction of criminal courts.

A set of actions taken during a state of unconsciousness.
backdooring hearsay evidence
An action by a prosecutor when that person comments about or mentions information that is otherwise inadmissible in court.

Such remarks are usually made in front of a jury for their emotional and persuasive effects, which are otherwise barred because of the inadmissibility of such so called evidence.

A number of impending cases that exceeds the court's capacity which cannot be acted upon because the court is occupied in dealing with other cases.
Surety provided by defendants or others to guarantee their subsequent appearance in court to face criminal charges.

Such bail is available to anyone entitled to it; however, not everyone is entitled to bail. It is denied when suspects are considered dangerous or likely to flee.

bail bond
A written guarantee, often accompanied by money or other securities, that the person charged with an offense will remain within the court's jurisdiction to face trial at sometime in the future.
bail bond companies
Any organization established for the purpose of posting bail for criminal suspects.
bail bondsperson, bail bondsman
Someone who is in the business of posting bail for criminal suspects.

A person who usually charges a percentage of whatever bail has been set.

bail recovery agent
Someone who works to take into custody a fugitive or someone who has jumped bail by fleeing the jurisdiction before a trial takes place.

A person who seeks to recover the amount of bail from a fugitive fleeing from justice.

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