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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Using or interlarded (click for explanation) with pretentious words or describing someone who is only interested in impressing other people with his or her undeserved claim of importance. (2)
To describe or to depict something with words, paintings, or drawings. (1)
Someone who is skilled in various languages. (1)
A sign, a symbol, or a character that represents or indicates a word and which can be substituted for a word in printing or in writing. (1)
Conveying an extravagant banquet or meals named after Lucullan, a Roman counsel, who provided lavish and gourmet food and drinks for his guests. (1)
A famous person or a leader. (1)
A reference to something or someone that is repulsive, hideous, frightful, and terrifying. (3)
Descriptive of someone who is self-serving, crafty, and a political manipulator. (1)
To contrive or to use deceptive methods or complicated schemes in order to accomplish an objective or to achieve a particular purpose. (1)
A method or crafty plan which is used with the idea of succeeding in gaining something that is desired even though the process is done only for one's self interest. (1)
A prolonged discourse or noisy talk without any significant ideas; a yakety-yaking. (1)
Spotting, a blemish, or the arrangement of spots on an animal or a plant. (1)
A sickness, an ailment, or a disease; a bad psychological or social condition or situation. (2)
A reference to someone who is behaving in a bold, rude, discourteous, or disrespectful way. (2)
In an awkward or out of place manner; relating to an inappropriate presentation. (1)

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