Dog or Canine Terms +

(dogs are considered to be the companions and best friends of humans and this list of terms will help all of us understand the topics that exist about our canine friends)

arm, upper arm
The anatomical region between the shoulder and the elbow, including the humerus and associated tissues.
The junction between two or more bones, typically held together by ligaments.
The second vertebra of the neck and the center of rotation.
The dorsal surface (topline) of the dog, usually extending from the withers (highest part of the back at the base of the neck).
back dropping through withers
A topline similar to a hollow back but affecting only the front section immediately behind the withers.
bandog, tiedog
A dog tied by day and released at night.
barrel hocks, spread hocks
Hocks (similar to the ankle in people) that turn out, causing the feet to toe inward.
bat ear
An erect ear, rather broad at the base, rounded in outline at the top and with the orifice directed to the front; for example, the French Bulldog.
The prolonged bark or voice of the hunting hound.
bear-like coat
A double coat consisting of a harsh outer jacket coupled with a soft, dense, woolly undercoat.
The ventral (under) surface of the abdomen.
Best in Show
The dog judged to be the best of all breeds at a dog show.
Best of Breed
The dog selected by the judge as the best representative of a particular breed on that day.
Easily taught or controlled.
bird dog
A sporting dog bred and trained to hunt and to retrieve game birds after they are shot.