Dog or Canine Terms +

(dogs are considered to be the companions and best friends of humans and this list of terms will help all of us understand the topics that exist about our canine friends)

A dog whose sire and dam are from two different breeds.
The study of canines or dogs.
The female parent of a dog.
distemper teeth, pitted teeth
Teeth discolored or pitted as a result of distemper or other disease or deficiency.
dog foot
Te digits or toes, each consisting of three bones (phalanges) and a toenail or claw.
drop ear, pendant ear, pendulous ear
One of more than thirty terms used to characterize ears, wherein the leather is folded at least to some degree, contrasting to erect or prick ears.
elbow of a dog
The joint in the front leg where the upper arm (humerus) meets the forearm (ulna).
The upper canines (teeth).
flank, coupling
The side of the body between the last rib and the hip.
The pendulous lateral part of the upper lip, particularly at the inner corners.
The portion of the forelimb between the upper arm (humerus) and the wrist (carpus), including the radius and the ulna.
The front legs.
fused toes
Toes that are blended and joined together.
The pattern of footsteps at various rates of speed, each pattern distinguished by a particular rhythm and footfall.
The lower or second thigh.