Dog or Canine Terms +

(dogs are considered to be the companions and best friends of humans and this list of terms will help all of us understand the topics that exist about our canine friends)

Spaces between the toes.
intervertebral discs
Soft cartilagenous structures located between the individual spinal vertebrae that allow smooth movement for a dog.
ischial tuberosity
The rearmost part of the pelvis.
The rearmost extremity of the pelvic bone.
The flesh of the lips and the jaws.
The patella bone which in a dog is part of the stifle.
lachrymal gland
The tear gland located at the inner corner of the eye.
languishing eyes
An expression of appealing for sympathy.
lashing tail
An active, powerful, moving tail.
A reference to the side.
lead, leash
A strap, cord, or chain attached to the collar or harness that is used for restraining or for leading a dog.
level bite, pincher bite
When the front teeth (incisors) of the upper and lower jaws meet exactly edge to edge.
A fibrous tissue that connects bones.
Pendulous (hanging) lip or lips that do not fit tightly.
The fleshy portions of the upper and lower jaws covering the teeth.