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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Cleverness, craftiness, or skill; ingenuity; artful or crafty devices used to achieve objectives. (2)
To discover and to determine by means of examination or experimentation; to learn or to find out about something; such as, getting information or obtaining the truth. (1)
Someone who renounces material comforts, leads a life of austere self-discipline or a simple life style without luxuries; especially, as an act of religious devotion. (1)
Free from infection or harmful bacteria; the absence of harmful microorganisms; sterilized. (1)
Descriptive of qualities that are considered to be silly, stupid, foolish, or absolutely unreasonable. (3)
Descriptive of something which is set or turned to one side; crooked and not straight. (1)
A reference to something that is not straight or is at a crooked angle. (1)
The appearance or the way a person, place, or something is visible to others. (1)
The harshness or severity of a person's manner or tone which expresses bitterness or anger. (1)
Something that is said which attacks another person's character or reputation; remarks that are slanderous, damaging, or defamatory. (2)
To have a desire or great ambition and hope of achieving a certain profession or occupation. (1)
To attack vigorously or violently with arguments, criticism, ridicule, etc. (1)
Those who violently attack others; usually, causing serious physical injuries. (1)
To fit together the parts or pieces of something; to put or to gather into a group; such as, ideas. (1)
A fast agreement with another person's opinion or views; however, without being sincere. (1)

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