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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A strong hostility, or opposition, toward someone or something; repugnance, disgust. (2)
A person who studies and/or collects objects; such as, works that have a high value because of their very old age; including, furniture, clocks, books, art, statues, etc. (1)
The complete or exact opposite of something or someone. (4)
Indifferent, listless; lacking feeling or interest. (3)
Not having any interest or concern for anything or anyone; and, without any emotion or excitement. (2)
A hole or an opening. (2)
A principle or truth that is expressed in a few words and which is conveyed in such a way that when it is heard, it will usually be remembered. (2)
A person who is in the business of keeping bees so they can produce honey so the beekeeper can sell it. (1)
A structure for bees or bee hives where they can produce honey. (1)
Self-confidence, poise, great composure, and self-assurance. (2)
Pertaining to something that is of doubtful authorship, not genuine; of questionable authenticity; false, counterfeit. (3)
Something that can't be disputed and so it is believed to be absolutely certain because it is considered to be beyond a doubt. (1)
Descriptive of a person who is constantly devoted to experiencing enjoyment and pleasures; a reference to someone who is self-indulgent and striving for a luxurious life-style. (1)
A farewell message that is spoken to or sung to those who are leaving or departing. (1)
The total abandonment or rejection of what a person has previously professed to believe in or to be a participant in; such as, a religion or a political group, etc. (1)

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