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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Strong disapproval expressed by pointing out a person's faults or shortcomings. (1)
A situation that results in large-scale and violent events in the natural world; or upheavals in political and social situations which have extreme disastrous effects on the people who exist where such events take place. (2)
Physical conditions in which there are sudden muscular rigidness of people's arms and legs so they can't move. (1)
Someone or something that acts as a stimulus to speed up a desired result. (1)
The climax of a drama or height of some action. (1)
Referring to being spoken positively, explicitly, clearly, and in a definite way. (2)
Someone who provides food, services, and drinks at parties, meetings, etc. (1)
A controversy which attracts a lot of public attention; such as, a legal case or a trial. (1)
An impolite, insolent, or arrogant attitude and disregard for something or someone; not caring about the feelings of others. (1)
A well-known or famous person with a great deal of recognition. (1)
Those who are not married for personal reasons or as a religious commitment or promise. (1)
To express strong disapproval of something and to condemn such behavior as being wrong. (3)
The use of illegal methods to deceive people with the purpose of obtaining money from them. (4)
A wild idea or an absurd thought; impossible foolish fancies. (1)
A description of an imaginary, fanciful, or unrealistic idea or concept which is impossible to acieve. (2)

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