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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

The use of a more acceptable or agreeable word or comment instead of one that is considered to be offensive or too blunt and harsh. (3)
A reference to something which hurts very much or is terribly painful. (1)
Referring to a veering or turning from one point to another one or wandering off the subject as well as erratic behavior. (1)
Characterized as being of very low quality, inferior, detestable, or abhorrent. (3)
To curse or to put a curse on someone; to feel hatred for someone. (1)
A good example or worthy of being admired and imitated. (2)
To show or to illustrate by example. (1)
Pertaining to being free from a liability or an obligation which applies to other people. (1)
To advise or to urge earnestly; to greatly encourage. (1)
To officially declare that someone is not to blame or is not guilty of a wrongdoing; to clear, as of an accusation; to free from guilt or any blame. (1)
A reference to abnormally high costs regarding prices or values; going way above the usual charges for something. (2)
Something that is convenient, practical, or suitable for a desired result or purpose. (1)
An action that provides a way to achieve a desired objective or purpose. (1)
Relating to finding a solution or a practical approach to achieving a desired objective. (2)
To accomplish something quickly and efficiently by speeding up the progress of doing it. (2)

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