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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Artificially or unusually high-pitched voices performed by male singers. (1)
To arouse or to compel the interest, admiration, or attention of; to charm or to allure. (1)
A socially unacceptable mistake or blunder. (2)
Showing exaggerated flattery or affection in an obsequious or slave-like way by praising someone too much and giving a lot of attention that is usually not sincere to another person; especially, in order to receive a favorable result. (1)
A reference to members of the cat family; similar to a cat; especially, in graceful movements or stealthiness; being sly and clever at tricking others. (1)
A reference to doing something that is deliberately unlawful, illegal, and harmful to other people. (1)
To obtain information with careful and relentless investigation, questioning, or searching. (1)
Relating to a celebration or a holiday. (1)
To hamper, to restrict, or to keep someone from going from one place to another place as he or she wants to. (1)
An entire failure and lack of success in accomplishing an objective or goal. (2)
Conveying inconsistency or changing one's mind for no logical reason. (1)
To get something in a clever or illegal way; to defraud someone. (1)
To proudly show off in a showy way. (1)
Relating to treating a serious situation with humor, or making silly, inappropriate, and disrespectful remarks. (3)
To insult or to mock someone with contempt or scorn. (1)

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