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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Characteristic of being easily replaced or not worth saving; meant to be used and then thrown away. (1)
A public revelation about something that is harmful to one's reputation. (1)
Revealing or disclosing something that is undesirable or shameful. (1)
To set forth detailed information, points, or principles of something. (2)
Very sensitive or well done; such as, executed with precision and good taste. (1)
The acquisition or gaining of money, by the use of force, trickery, or threats. (2)
Significantly excessive or exorbitant; especially, in price or payment. (1)
To free someone from an entanglement, a difficulty, or an undesirable situation. (1)
A superabundance of enthusiasm, action, and energy. (1)
To come out gradually in drops through pores or small openings, to ooze out; also, to project or to display abundantly. (2)
To build or to put something together; to make up or to devise some kind of deception in order to trick people. (1)
Joking that is sometimes crude and not appreciated by another person or other people. (3)
Someone who is hired to all kinds of work. (2)
Pertaining to deceiving and illogical concepts based on untrue information or ideas. (3)
Tending to make mistakes or being wrong. (2)

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