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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

1. An unfounded, unrealizable dream.
2. Imaginary concepts or unrealistic ideas and proposals. (4)
Someone who is wealthy and has significant power and influence; a plutocrat. (1)
Careful when considering what might happen if the wrong choice is made. (2)
Perceptions or intuitive insights that are easily and quickly recognized and presented. (1)
A person who is said to be able to see things that are usually beyond the range of normal human abilities. (1)
Conveying the ability to see or to perceive something beyond normal conceptions. (1)
Characteristic of keeping or doing something in secret, often in order to conceal an illicit or improper objective; marked by hidden aims or methods. (1)
An intense fear or dread of having to be in a restricted or a relatively small space. (1)
A reference to a convincing, appealing, or a compelling force which is not easy to resist. (4)
Someone's companion or follower; a supporter, an accomplice, or an associate of a leader. (1)
A secret agreement or cooperation for purposes of trickery or an underhanded scheming or working with someone else to deceive or to trick someone out of something without paying for it. (2)
Enormous in size, degree, or extent; gigantic or tremendous; astonishing or incredible. (2)
Expressing or showing sadness, sincere feelings, or sympathy for another person who has experienced something unpleasant or very disturbing. (3)
To provide something good as a balance against a bad or undesirable situation or to make up for a defect or a weakness. (1)

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