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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To make something more difficult to achieve or to cause a condition to be harder to treat. (1)
The participation or involvement in doing something that is wrong or illegal with another person. (1)
Public conduct, or personal behavior or action. (1)
Relating to combined parts which are composed of different elements. (1)
A calm state of mind or self-control during a stressful situation. (3)
Descriptive of having large contents or perceiving and easily understanding a great number of things. (1)
A strong desire or feeling that someone has that something must be done by him or her. (1)
A strong feeling of anxiety of the conscience caused by a regret or guilt for doing something wrong. (3)
A reference to having too much belief in one's personal ability, skill, or importance. (2)
A presumption, opinion, or thought that someone has in his or her mind. (1)
Relating to something that is accomplished or done together. (3)
To do something that is regarded as unimportant in order to impress or to appear to be generous toward another person or people who are regarded as being inferior. (2)
Behaving with an attitude of superiority or of being better than others. (1)
A presentation of courtesy by a higher executive to a lower level employee. (2)
A building or complex containing apartments or townhouses, each of which is owned by individuals or families. (1)

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