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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A disagreement with a prevailing opinion or belief; or an opposition to some authority. (1)
Conveying a lack of agreement with, or being strongly against, an established organization and its beliefs or policies. (2)
To separate into parts that disappear or go away almost to the point of disappearing; to spend or to use all of something wastefully or to squander it. (2)
Characterized by spending too much money and time on physical pleasures or being wasteful in the pursuit of pleasure. (1)
To describe, or to report, something in an inaccurate or a misleading way; to bend, twist, stretch, or force something out of its usual or natural form. (2)
Descriptive of being greatly agitated or disturbed. (2)
To wander or drift around when speaking; to ramble instead focusing on what one is supposed to be talking about. (1)
Characteristic of going in different directions from each other or from a common point; deviating from each other or from a standard or normal course of action. (1)
A reference to being different or distinct from another person or something; having dissimilar viewpoints or opinions. (1)
Anything that takes a person's attention away from something else; a change in the purpose or use of something from what was previously intended. (1)
A reference to causing disagreement, discord, or hostility between people and often resulting in a separation from each other. (2)
To make something that is private known to others. (1)
To tell other people something about another person who wants such information to be kept private or secret. (2)
A condition of depression and boredom; a lack of energy and a feeling of gloom. (2)
A reference to duplicity or deception which is used to achieve a special objective which may not be honest. (1)

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