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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To eagerly aspire to achieve an objective or goal in order to obtain an advantage just like another person has. (2)
Characteristic of being ardent and eager to possess or to achieve something. (1)
To mislead by means of a petty trick or fraud with flattery or clever and crafty persuasion to take a course of action that usually results in a loss of money or something else of value. (2)
Being dishonest with someone or with people. (1)
A belief that something is true and real. (2)
A difference between what is claimed to be true and what is actually true. (1)
Something that is plausible, true, and believable. (2)
Good enough to be praised and recognized as doing fairly well. (1)
A willingness to believe that something is true or real even when there is inadequate evidence to support the concept. (1)
Gullible and easily fooled or cheated because of believing something without questioning or making sufficient investigations. (2)
Making crepitant sounds such as those on a stairway at night when someone doesn't want anyone else to hear him or her. (1)
To make a series of crackling, popping, or grating sounds. (1)
Descriptive of being awkward, clumsy; difficult and inconvenient to manage or handle. (1)
A miserly, ill-natured, stubbornly obstructive, and unwilling to cooperate person. (3)
Referring to an action that is done very fast and with little attention given to any details. (2)

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