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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Pertaining to supernatural or magical activities or powers; a reference to something which is beyond the understanding of most people. (2)
An excessive fear of crowds, or of being in crowded places, or even living in heavily populated areas. (2)
Volunteering services when they are neither asked for nor needed; intruding and interfering with suggestions or actions that are not wanted and are unnecessary. (3)
Not in tune because some of the musical notes are above or below the proper pitch; behavior that deviates from what is considered to be normal or proper. (1)
Involving troublesome obligations that are more disadvantageous than advantageous; descriptive of a heavy load that is imposed by something irksome or annoying. (2)
Relating to something that comes at a good time to achieve a particular objective. (1)
Someone who specializes in the study of birds. (1)
A field in zoology which focuses on bird behaviors, classifications, environments, etc. (1)
A system of the correct spelling patterns of a particular language or the science of letters and spelling. (1)
orthology (no plural)
Correct speaking or the art of using words in an acceptable way. (1)
Descriptive of something that is obvious or easily perceived and understood. (3)
To touch or to feel parts of the body with the hands and fingers; especially, for medical reasons. (1)
Excessive throbbing or fluttering movements; such as, of the heart because of excitement, nervousness, etc. (1)
A representative sample or model; a pattern, a prototype. (1)
Personal equipment or property which is used for particular functions or activities. (2)

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