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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Someone who is, or those who are, dissatisfied with their currently existing society, government, or living conditions. (2)
A curse or the proclamation that a terrible thing will happen to someone. (1)
A person who is guilty of a heinous crime or who breaks the law as a felon or a criminal. (2)
Descriptive of being malicious, producing evil, or causing harm. (1)
A reference to a person or agencies which are working to harm others or to commit criminal acts. (1)
A mistake or a wrong interpretation; a misunderstanding. (1)
Characterized by wishing evil or harm to another person or other people. (3)
An illegal behavior or action; especially, misconduct or wrongdoing on the part of someone in public office. (2)
An intention or desire to harm or deprive someone in an illegal or immoral way or to take pleasure in another person's misfortune. (2)
Acts of ill-will or viciousness toward others all of which are influenced by hate or spite. (4)
To be very hostile, to be evil to, or to slander and to defame someone by maliciously criticizing that person. (2)
To feign or to pretend to be sick; usually, in order to gain sympathy or to avoid working and to still receive compensation from his or her employer. (3)
A conviction or belief that the world is full of evil and wickedness which is making life too miserable for so many people in this world. (1)
1. Characterized by being fashioned, easily changed, or influenced to do something.
2. A reference to something that can be shaped by being beaten or pressured into a form; such as, some metals including silver, gold, platinum, etc. (2)
A reference to something that has a terrible odor or an excessive stink. (2)

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