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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Pertaining to being overly precise, extremely careful, and excessively concerned with details. (3)
A discussion of or a study of trivial or insignificant matters or something that is not important and not worth worrying about. (1)
A reference to having or showing a strong desire to use forceful methods to accomplish something or to support an objective, sometimes to the point of being overly aggressive. (3)
To have a strong influence or force that is usually against someone or something. (1)
A person who is not considered powerful or important and who obeys the orders of a more powerful person or someone who is a subordinate or minor official. (2)
An abnormal loathing or detestation of men by a woman or certain women. (1)
Someone who has an aversion or antipathy towards humans in general. (1)
To misinterpret or to misunderstand instructions, the meaning of something, or what another person's intentions are. (4)
A person who does something that is illegal or which is morally wrong. (2)
An unsuitable or wrong name to describe or to call something or someone. (3)
Conveying a bitterness or hostility and prejudice against being around anyone who smokes. (1)
misogamy (no plural)
An aversion to, strong feelings against, or a hatred of marriage. (2)
A hostility towards or a repugnance of all women or adult females. (2)
Someone who does not want to hear expressions of opinions for or against something; especially, when they are controversial. (1)
A strong dislike of discussions, enquiries, or presentations of knowledge. (1)

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