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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A reference to a situation in which someone finds it very difficult to endure what is going on; referring to conditions or people who are too unpleasant to deal with or to accept. (1)
Someone who makes an effort to help others settle their strong disagreements with each other. (1)
To prohibit someone from doing something or from using something; to forbid; to restrain a person or to debar by authority from something. (2)
To intersperse or to mix and to embellish a speech or some writing content with different materials. (1)
A period of time when there is a temporary halt or cessation between events or activities. (1)
Stopping and starting at regular intervals or at irregular times. (1)
To modify a text or to corrupt it by inserting new or abnormal material into the contents. (1)
To intrude or to place between something, or someone; to interrupt verbally or physically. (1)
To formally question someone thoroughly, often in an aggressive or threatening manner. (3)
To scatter among other things at intervals; to supply or to diversify with something that is placed here and there in different locations. (2)
Pertaining to being ungovernable, unruly, or difficult to control or to manage. (2)
Self-examinations or contemplations of one's personal thoughts and feelings. (2)
To get into a situation without an invitation or permission. (1)
To become less sensitive and learning to accept something that is not pleasant and is usually difficult or painful to endure. (1)
Descriptive of becoming adapted to existing situations or accustomed to something negative. (1)

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