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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Strongly desirous of obtaining more materialistic things; greedy and grasping for more and more. (1)
To legally decide or to declare that someone is not guilty of a crime. (1)
A judgement or decision made by a judge or a jury that a defendant who has been charged with a crime is not guilty. (1)
Unpleasant and bitter in smell, taste, or behavior. (2)
Emotional bitterness and angry feelings which are usually expressed in some form of violence. (1)
An abnormally morbid terror or fear of being at great heights; such as, elevators, climbing ladders, flying in airplanes, etc. (2)
To provide an incentive to take action or to incite motion to achieve an objective. (2)
Keenness and speed in understanding and dealing with a situation or practical matters. (2)
Having a sharp tip or point; very perceptive and discerning; extremely severe or sharp. (1)
For this purpose only; for this thing, only for a particular reason or occasion; temporary. (1)
Against a person; appealing to personal prejudices or emotions rather than to reasonable statements. (1)
Endlessly; without limit; indefinitely into the future. (1)
Temporarily or in the meantime; for an interval. (1)
Referring to a degree of disgust or revulsion; something that goes on and on and seems to never stop. (3)
A proverb or a saying that sets forth a general truth and which has gained credit through long use. (1)

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