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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To relieve a person of some kind of requirement or obligation in order to free or to release him or her from the consequences of guilt. (1)
Preoccupied or deeply engrossed and so not being very aware of anything else. (1)
To voluntarily stop oneself from indulging or participating in doing something. (2)
Moderate in the use of food and drinks for a good reason. (1)
Self-denial; especially, voluntarily deciding not to drink liquor. (1)
Absent-minded or ideas that exist as thoughts and which are not necessarily related to specific physical events, situations, or things. (1)
Hard to understand or to comprehend; deep, and complex. (3)
Unfathomable or incapable of being understood; incomprehensible. (1)
To speed up, to hasten, or to cause something to happen sooner. (2)
To make something more noticeable or obvious; to emphasize a syllable of a word or phrase when saying it. (1)
A way of entering or reaching something or someone; an admittance to or an entrance to a place. (1)
Strong approval, praise, and applause. (1)
To adapt plants and/or animals, and people to new or different conditions of weather or climates. (2)
To adjust to or to get used to a new or different climate, place, or situation. (1)
An expression of approval; praise; any award, honor, or laudatory notice; a special acknowledgment; an award. (1)

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