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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

An expression of sounds that resemble language but have little or no recognizable meanings; applied especially to the written and spoken language of some bureaucrats and professional politicians. (1)
To stupefy, to disable, or to make powerless with dread and to be panic-stricken. (2)
To eat like a pig or to consume food excessively or voraciously. (1)
gratis (not comparble)
Without charge; something that is done as a favor or a kindness. (2)
Looking for and enjoying being with others; tending to form a group with those who have the same interests. (2)
To use one’s hands to search for something that can't be seen or to fumble around to find a solution to a problem. (2)
A reference to being honest, sincere, and without deceit. (1)
Referring to being easily tricked, deceived, or cheated. (1)
Relating to a savory, a pleasing, and a delicious flavor when consuming food. (1)
Those who practice nudity as a way of life. (2)
A reference to something that is too commonplace, trite, and worn out because of excessive usage. (2)
Referring to anyone who does not have a plan for accomplishing something or doing something at random and by chance without an organized procedure. (1)
A spoken or written speech that expresses strong emotions or beliefs which may be longer than normal. (2)
To continually annoy, to attack, or to bother other people by irritating or tormenting them. (1)
A warning, a sign, or an indication about something that will take place in the future. (3)

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