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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Relating to being annoyingly and continually requesting or begging for something. (1)
Descriptive of something or someone who is very impressive and magnificent because of great size, forcefulness, and/or power. (2)
An excessive, unfair demand, or burden on someone's time, money, etc. (1)
A person who pretends to be someone he or she is not in order to cheat other people. (1)
A form of deception, under an assumed name or identity, in order to trick people and to gain money. (1)
To speak with obscenities, profanities, or foul language; to wish someone harm or damnation. (1)
A desire to have some kind of harm or an evil curse be placed on another person or people. (2)
The manager or organizer of a concert or opera company. (2)
Not getting ready for what can or will happen or what will be needed in the future. (1)
To quickly prepare and to arrange something without planning it in advance. (1)
A reference to someone who does not use good judgement, or who shows carelessness and doesn't realize the bad consequences of what he or she is saying or doing. (2)
To attack as false, questionable, or wrong; to strongly oppose with words. (1)
Relating to an accidental or an unintentional mistake; doing or saying something that was not meant to happen. (4)
A reference to making no sense or being without significance; conveying silliness and being pointless. (2)
Foolish, senseless, or trite remarks during conversations. (1)

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