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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To take something without permission, to steal or to commit theft. (3)
A person, or a company that provides or supplies goods or products; especially food. (1)
The range or extent of competence or the scope of functions. (1)
pyromania (usually not plural)
An insane desire to set fires. (1)
A person who has an uncontrolled or insane desire to set things on fire. (2)
An abnormal fear of fire, seeing fires, or a special terror that someone will start fire where he or she is. (1)
To subdue, to calm, to suppress, or to stop doing something. (1)
A question, or questions, that a person has in his or her mind. (1)
The object, target, or goal of something being strived for in order to obtain it or to achieve it. (1)
A busybody and a very nosey person, or gossipmonger who is eager to hear the latest gossip or rumors about people's private lives. (3)
A characteristic condition in which person is known as a busybody or a nosy person; especially, someone who is always asking questions that are none of his or her business. (1)
A clever sarcastic remark or statement. (2)
Having a very fervent interest in or a zealous opinion about someone or something with extreme intensity. (1)
Referring to something that is shining brightly and beaming; or pertaining to someone who is expressing pleasure, love, and well-being. (1)
Characteristic of taking something by force or violence; being ravenous or greedy. (1)

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