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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Characteristic of being unreasonably daring, rash, or reckless. (2)
A foolhardy disregard of danger; recklessness; unreasonable or foolhardy contempt for danger. (2)
Pertaining to something that can be maintained or defended. (1)
Descriptive of something that is not easily pulled apart or someone who is persistent, unyielding, and will not give up. (1)
A persistence or a firmness of purpose and stubbornness in maintaining one's adherence to his or her ideas or objectives. (1)
An act or term of holding or possessing something; such as, a member of the faculty of an educational institution or a political position; the period of time that a person can occupy an apartment, house, or another form of real estate. (1)
To stop or to end and not continue any further. (1)
Special terms or expressions that are utilized by special groups or individuals in various professions or occupations. (2)
Easily annoyed or irritated; impatient, or easily exasperated and being peevish about little things. (1)
To stop something from taking place; to frustrate or to defeat. (2)
Descriptive of anything that is of great size, power, or force. (1)
Sluggish in functioning; apathetic, dormant, and inactive or deprived of the power of motion. (2)
A reference to fast falling rain in great quantities. (1)
A reference to something that has many turns or bends going in different directions; pertaining to being devious or deceitful. (1)
Easily controlled or taught; compliant and docile. (2)

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