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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

An organized rebellion or insurrection against a government or a political system. (1)
Pertaining to the promotion of a rebellion against a lawful authority. (2)
A reference to being diligent and persistent when striving to achieve a goal or an objective. (2)
To keep a person or a group of people separated and away from others. (1)
A reference to being secluded, separated, or isolated from other people. (3)
A natural gift for making pleasant, valuable, or useful discoveries without anticipating such results or making desirable discoveries by accident. (1)
Characteristic of the use of abnormally big or long words; such as, those that are located at this Sesquipedalia page. (2)
A dark image or shape that is seen against a light background. (1)
A reference to futile and endless repetition of labor or drudgery. (1)
Characteristic of making insulting or unkind statements, comments, or references in a derogatory or disapproving way. (3)
An easing or comforting of loneliness, sadness, or grief. (2)
To make up for an emotional suffering, injured feelings, or an insult with an apology or a monetary reward. (1)
Social blunders or making mistakes in speaking or writing. (1)
Conveying an attitude of serious concern and consideration for a person's health, happiness, welfare, etc. (2)
A cause of concern or uneasiness for another person's well being. (2)

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