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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

An exaggerated or unreasonable expression of praise. (1)
Exceeding the required or normal number of things or people. (2)
To replace or to take the place of someone or something else. (1)
A stopping or the end of something. (1)
A description of someone behaving in a quiet and secret way so no one sees or hears the person. (2)
Closely and continually watching someone; especially, a person who is suspected, or known, to be involved in criminal activities. (1)
A constant observation of or closely watching a person or a group. (3)
A mental uncertainty, nervousness, or anxiety about what will finally happen. (1)
A descriptive term for whispering or talking in a very soft voice. (1)
Flattery or excessive praise which is used to to stroke someone's ego in order to get something that is desired. (1)
Someone who uses excessive praise or flattery with another person in order to gain an advantage or to obtain some desired personal objective from him or her. (3)
Resembling the same or a similar meaning as something else. (1)
A sensitivity as to what is appropriate when dealing with other people; using diplomacy without offending or upsetting anyone. (1)
Referring to a dull, monotonous, unexciting, or boring situation or activity. (1)
The ability to connect directly by psychic means with others via thoughts, feelings, or emotions at a distance without using normal sensations. (2)

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