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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Characteristic of being subordinate, servile, submissive, and obsequious; resembling a slave or a servant. (1)
To become quiet, less active, or less violent; to abate or to moderate. (1)
To financially support a project with a public or a private contribution in order to help the enterprise succeed in its objective or purpose. (1)
Wealth, possessions, and property make a person prosperous or affluent. (1)
To prove or to verify something by supplying reliable evidence or facts. (2)
To overthrow or to weaken a nation's governing establishment. (2)
Any assistance or help that is given to another person or people during a period of need, distress, or difficulty. (2)
Tolerance or patience with something that is neither liked nor wanted and the ability to endure such conditions and not to interfere with what is going on. (2)
Referring to the regulation or control of expenses for food, clothes, or other materials. (2)
Relating to something that is made or produced at great expense; so, it is magnificent in workmanship and is very expensive and impressive. (2)
To do more than is necessary or required. (1)
Referring to something that is done beyond what is required or expected. (1)
Pertaining to something which is more than is necessary or required; excessive, unnecessary. (2)
To place something on top another item; to add as a different type, element, or quality. (1)
Referring to the greatest degree of excellence, the highest quality, or anything that is much better than normal. (2)

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