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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A reference to a person who can walk or anyone who is a walker. (2)
Willing to listen to and to respond in a positive way; easily persuaded. (1)
Peaceful and friendly relations; mutual goodwill with another person, people, nation, nations, etc. (1)
A loss of memory either partially or totally. (2)
Presenting no definite form; being shapeless or formless. (2)
Restoring, invigorating, or giving strength after an illness. (1)
Similar to other structures that are nearly the same in function and general appearance, but are different in origin. (1)
Cosmetic surgery that is performed to reshape bodily tissues; or surgical repairs or replacements of damaged organs, or body parts. (1)
A person who lives away from other people in seclusion; sometimes for religious reasons or just to get away from everyone. (2)
An automaton, or robot, that looks like a man or which has some features that resemble a man; manlike. (1)
Lifelessness or a lack of vitality or vigor as a result of less than the normal number of red blood cells in the blood. (1)
The study and observations of winds and their activities. (1)
Descriptive of being full of twists and turns; tortuous; winding and turning left and right and back and forth. (1)
Having a sweet nature similar to an angel; like an angel in goodness or innocence. (1)
A feeling of anxiety, apprehension, and dread. (1)

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