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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Socially unpolished, not very sophisticated nor cosmopolitan; rural, rustic, or unsophisticated. (1)
An abnormal desire to live in the country, in solitude, or being away from people in general. (1)
A specialist in the art or science of growing plants, including farm crops. (1)
Eager willingness or cheerful readiness to do something. (3)
Depending on chance or the luck of the draw with an uncertain outcome. (1)
Severely chilling, freezing, or very cold. (3)
algophobia (singular)
An excessive, exaggerated, or abnormal fear of pain. (1)
A false or an assumed name that is often used to conceal or to hide one's identity. (1)
A psychiatrist or someone who is a specialist in the legal aspects of mental illnesses. (1)
To make something less severe or not as serious. (1)
A statement that a person is supposed to have done something wrong or illegal without any proof that it actually happened. (2)
A loyalty or devotion to certain people or those who are striving to achieve a worthy objective. (1)
A medical condition which causes a person to become sick after touching, breathing or eating something which is normally harmless to most people; figuratively, informally, or humorously, a reference to not wanting to work or to study or to do certain things that most people usually do. (2)
To make something easier to endure; to make less of a hardship. (2)
The odors or tastes of onions or garlic; especially, such smells from the breaths of those who eat such vegetables. (1)

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