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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Very determined and refusing to be persuaded to change one's mind. (4)
Something that is added or to be added; especially, a supplement to a book or a magazine. (1)
Crazy, weak, mentally deficient in some way; a confused mind; dull-witted, stupid. (1)
To present or to offer statements or other legitimate information as evidence that something has been proven to be true. (1)
Descriptive of being very good at doing something which is not easy to do; very skilled and proficient. (1)
To cleave to or to stay with an opinion, a practice, or a method of doing something; to become or to remain firmly attached to a substance, as a result of a glutinous (glue) surface etc. (1)
A person or those who are supporters and loyal to a leader, a group, or a religion. (1)
A reference to something being neutral in that it is neither right nor wrong; and in medicine, it is neither harmful nor helpful. (2)
Relating to fat or fatness, fatty; obesity. (2)
An earnest appeal, entreaty, begging, or pleading to someone to do something.

Adjuration may involve both begging and promising to do what is requested. (1)

To charge, to bind, or to earnestly command or declare; sometimes, with a threat of a penalty. (1)
To spontaneously say something without prior preparation. (1)
To advise a person to do or, more often, not to do something; to warn strongly. (2)
A gentle or friendly criticism or the advice to correct a mistake or a minor oversight. (1)
Skillful in emergencies; quick witted; clever even under pressure. (3)

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