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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To show excess devotion to someone or to overly express admiration for or to make a big fuss about a person or something. (1)
Showing an extravagant amount of praise and flattery, or going beyond a normal showing of admiration. (3)
A reference to that which contains an excessive or great amount of praise. (1)
Those who take up positions of antagonism, or who act in hostile ways; an opponent; anything that is considered to be an enemy or dangerous. (2)
Opposing and acting in a contrary way; conflicting and hostile to one's interests. (1)
Misfortune and hardship; extremely unfavorable experiences or harmful events. (3)
To carefully think about or to consider something carefully. (1)
To argue or to plead in favor of or to publicly recommend something. (2)
A shield or a protection; sponsorship or patronage; such as, financial support or an exchange of favors when a person will do something for others if they will do the same for the sponsor. (3)
An excessive or abnormal terror of being around cats. (1)
Anyone who skillfully performs gymnastic feats or other activities that involve agility and balance high in the air above the ground; such as, on a trapeze. (1)
The nest of an eagle or other bird of prey that has a nest high above the ground; a house or living quarters of a person, or people, which is located on a high place. (1)
Descriptive of the study or practice of all aspects of flight through the air. (1)
A Greco-Roman term referring to medical doctors or physicians. (1)
Pertaining to beauty, sensitive to what is beautiful and possessing a cultivated and artistic taste. (2)

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