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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

An extreme mental or physical distress; an emotional pain. (2)
An inability to enjoy pleasures or happiness for things that are ordinarily enjoyable. (1)
Strong and hostile criticism; especially, anything that shames, censures, or expresses severe disapproval about what another person has done. (2)
To remark about unfavorably or to comment critically regarding something; usually, with strong disapproval. (1)
Ill will and a feeling or spirit of hostility, hatred, and resentment about someone or something. (4)
A feeling or indication of hatred, ill will, or hostility. (2)
A commentary, an explanatory notation, a suggestion, or a criticism regarding certain aspects of a literary presentation. (2)
Unusual, peculiar, abnormal; deviating from the normal situation. (2)
With no name given, known, nor acknowledged; especially, an author. (1)
An unknown authorship or a reference to someone whose name is not known or is not given. (3)
Hostile opposition, conflicting behavior, or showing dislike or hatred. (1)
A collection of choice selections of prose and poetry; a literary collection of the "flowers of verse". (1)
Having the characteristics of a human; used especially to refer to the human-like apes. (1)
A remedy or an agent that relieves or counteracts a condition or situation. (1)
A strong feeling of dislike, aversion, or repugnance against someone or something; instinctively adverse or contrary. (1)

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