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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A term for both a pharmacist who prepares medications for customers and the place where drugs and medicines are stored and distributed. (1)
Descriptive of a process that is meant to avert or to ward off bad luck or evil influences. (1)
To horrify, to overcome, to frighten, to shock, or to discourage. (1)
Causing shock; being frightful or horrifying. (2)
An image or the appearance of something remarkable or unexpected; sometimes, like a ghost. (2)
A strong and fixed desire or compulsion; an instinctive tendency. (1)
Especially appropriate, suitable, pertinent, and relevant for a situation or purpose. (1)
Descriptive of being uneasy, anxious, or fearful about something that might happen; related to learning quickly or capable of easily understanding. (3)
Beginners who are learning trades or professions. (1)
To inform or to give notice to another person about something. (1)
To take possession of or to make use of something for a personal reason, often without permission. (1)
Appropriately or properly; to the point or directly fitting the situation. (2)
An acquired or natural ability or talent for learning a skill or to do something. (1)
Referring to water or that which is prepared with water; watery. (1)
Descriptive of what is decided by a person's liking; dependent upon someone's will or pleasure; unrestrained power to make decisions. (3)

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