Completed Units in Word Info and Get Words Sites That Have Been Enhanced and Upgraded

(all of the enhanced units present parts of speeches (when applicable), have definitions for word entries, and clarifying sentences in context)

ord-, ordinato-, -ordin-, -ordinate, -ordinating, -ordinated
Latin: order, in order; in a row, regular series, class, rank; in this unit.
palp-, palpo-, palpi-
Latin: to touch gently, to stroke; to pat; in this unit.
pecca-, pecc-
Latin: to err, to sin, to commit a crime; in this unit.
pecu-, pecun-
Latin: cattle, property in cattle; private property; money; particular; in this unit.
penetra-, penetr-
Latin: penetrare, penetratus, to go into, to enter, to pierce; to pass through, to pass into; a place within; in this unit.
peni-, pen-
Latin: paene, almost, nearly; in this unit.
petro-, petr-, petri-, peter-
Greek > Latin: stone, rock; in this unit.
pharis-, pharisa-
Greek > Latin: pharisaios; from Aramaic prisayya; "those who are separate"; in this unit.
phengo-, pheng-
Greek: light, splendor, luster, sunlight, daylight; in this unit.
Greek > Latin: bodily malformations; from "seal fins"; a sea calf; in this unit.
plag-, plagu-, plague-
Greek > Latin: strike, stroke, blow, wound; beat the breast; lament loudly [while beating the breast]; pestilence; in this unit.
Latin: a literary thief; "plunderer, oppressor, kidnapper" [one who "abducts the child or slave of another"]; then by extension, to take and use the thoughts, writings, etc. of someone else and represent or claim them as one's own; in this unit.
planta-, plant-
Latin: sole of the foot; flat bottom or underside of the foot; in this unit.
pluv-, pluvio-, pluvi-
Latin: rain, rain water, rainy; in this unit.
Latin: polire, to polish, to smooth, to shine; to refine; in this unit.

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