Completed Units in Word Info and Get Words Sites That Have Been Enhanced and Upgraded

(all of the enhanced units present parts of speeches (when applicable), have definitions for word entries, and clarifying sentences in context)

catoptro-, catoptr-
Greek: mirror; from kat-[a], "against, back" + op-[tos], "seen" + the noun-forming suffix -tron; in this unit.
celiba-, celibat-
Latin: unmarried; vow not to marry; chaste, morally pure in thought and conduct; that which is considered to be decent and virtuous behavior; in this unit.
Italian, "chatter, prattle" > French: deceive, deceiver; swindle, swindler; fraud, quack, chiseler"; in this unit.
Greek: joy, delight, gladness; in this unit.
chiropter-, cheiropter-
Greek: bat, bats; flying mammals with wings: cheir, "hand" + pteron, "wing"; in this unit.
civi-, civ-, cit-
Latin: city: "big town, metropolitan area"; citizen: "a legal resident or inhabitant"; in this unit.
clam- [cla-] clamat-, claim-
Latin: talk, call out, speak, say, shout; make noise, be loud; in this unit.
cogni-, cogn-, cognosc-
Latin: know, learn; comprehend, perceive; in this unit.
coimetro-, coimetr-; koimetro-, koimetr-
Greek: koimeterion, sleeping-room, burial-place; grave, grave yard; final resting place; in this unit.
connect-, -connect-
Latin: to bind; to link together; to tie together; close tightly and jointly; in this unit.
coxa-, coxo-, cox-
Latin: hip [anatomy], hip-bone, hip joint, perish by an untimely birth; in this unit.
Latin: cheat, a cheater; to defraud, to steal; in this unit.
Latin: hesitate, pause, stall, delay; in this unit.
cubi-, cub-, cumb-, cubit-
Latin: to lie [in a horizontal position or posture]; to lie down, to lie asleep; in this unit.
Latin: hesitate, pause, stall, delay; in this unit.

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