Completed Units in Word Info and Get Words Sites That Have Been Enhanced and Upgraded

(all of the enhanced units present parts of speeches (when applicable), have definitions for word entries, and clarifying sentences in context)

arthro-, arthr-
Greek: joint, pertaining to the joints of the body; in this unit.
astut-, astu-
Latin: artful, cunning; shrewd, crafty; in this unit.
Latin: greed, greedy; in this unit.
axillo-, axill-, axil-
Latin: armpit; angle; borrowed directly from Latin ala which meant both "wing" and "the hollow under a wing or an arm"; in this unit.
Latin: beat, strike, hit; attack; in this unit.
Hebrew: buheemohth, "beast, beasts"; Latin: behemoth; in this unit.
bene-, ben-, beni-
Latin, good, well; in this unit.
borborygmo-, borborygm-
Greek > Latin: intestinal rumblings, tummy rumbling; gurgling and splashing; in this unit.
calami-, calamit-
Latin: damage, injury, loss, misfortune, disaster, disastrous, adversity; in this unit.
Latin: darkness, dark; in this unit.
Latin: hinge, hinge of a door, pivot, that on which something turns; thus, principal, chief; in this unit.
cat, cats
Greek: katta to Late Latin: cattus; in this unit.
cate family of verbs
Words that end with cate and are pronounced KAYT: in this unit.
caten-, catenat-
Latin: a chain; bind or fasten together; connected links; in this unit.
Greek > Latin: to let down, to insert, to thrust in [kata, "down" plus hienai, "to send"]; in this unit.

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