Completed Units in Word Info and Get Words Sites That Have Been Enhanced and Upgraded

(all of the enhanced units present parts of speeches (when applicable), have definitions for word entries, and clarifying sentences in context)

curr-, cur-, cor-, cour-
Latin: to run, running; in this unit.
Greek: steersman, pilot, helmsman; to steer, to guide, to govern; a governor; computer-mediated electronic communications; in this unit.
Greek: didaktikos, skilled at teaching, teach; teacher; in this unit.
diplo-, dipl-
Greek: double; two-fold; in this unit.
divid-, divis-
Latin: to separate; a separation; in this unit.
duro-, dur-, dura-
Latin: hard [as wood], lasting; thick, tough; in this unit.
Latin: edere, "to bite, to eat; eating, eatable"; in this unit.
Greek: mirror; in this unit.
Greek > Latin: praise, approval, acclamation; in this unit.
Greek ainigma via Latin aenigma: dark saying, riddle, fable; from ainissesthai, "to speak darkly, to speak in riddles; in this unit.
Greek: mirror; visible in [a thing]; seen in [something]; in this unit.
ependymo-, eympend-
Greek > Latin: membrane lining the central canal of the spinal cord and the ventricles of the brain; in this unit.
err-, errat-
Latin: wander, stray, rove; deviate; in this unit.
extra, extra-, extro-, extr-, exter-
Latin: beyond, outside, on the outside, outward, external; in this unit.
exuber-, uber-
Latin: come forth in abundance, grow luxuriantly; superabundance; in this unit.

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